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A few of my friends are still playing Animal Crossing everyday I admire their tenacity. 

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the best bear in the world

Some random qr codes that I’ve made!

I love my new town so far! I’m gonna start working on putting a path down later today so I can start making StarLite look decent ^o^

Town Info!

Town Name: StarLite
Mayor: Wish
Dream Address: Coming Soon
Ordinance: Beautiful Town
Native Fruit: imageimage

Current Villagers: 

Anonymous said: Good luck with your new town! :D

Thanks so much! :3

I decided to restart my town because I was ready for a change! My new town is called StarLite & my mayor’s name is Wish. I’m so excited to see different villagers & I can’t wait to make this town cute! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚